Installation Overview

There are three different general methods by which the pipeline can be installed. These are described on the next three pages of this manual.

  1. Installing from Software Release Zip Files available from the GPI team web site, for users who have their own licensed copies of IDL.
  2. Installing from the Source Code Repository directly. This provides direct access to the latest development code from the team’s Subversion version control repository, appropriate for GPI team members and Gemini staff who may be editing pipeline code. Users must also have a licensed copy of IDL.
  3. Installing Compiled Executables for use with the IDL Runtime virtual machine, for users who do not have their own copies of IDL.

Once the pipeline is installed, one must configure it by setting a few items such as file paths. Additional optional configuration parameters can modify pipeline behavior or set user preferences.


The GPI Data Pipeline is written in IDL, so all users will need to have a copy of IDL, either the full IDL program or the IDL runtime environment (which is included as part of the compiled executables).

The pipeline is supported on IDL version 7.0 or more recent at present, but may at some future point require IDL 8. While it may be possible to run some of the pipeline code on IDL 6, this is not supported. IDL 8 is recommended.

Mac, Linux and Windows platforms are all supported. There are no particular dependencies on operating system versions.