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2D Wavelength Solution
2D Wavelength Solution Developer


Accumulate Images
Advanced KLIP ADI for Pol Mode
Apply Reference Pixel Correction
Assemble Polarization Cube
Assemble Polarization Datacube (Lsqr, microlens psf)
Assemble Spectral Datacube
(Lsqr, microlens psf)
Assemble Spectral Datacube using ePSF
Assemble Spectral Datacube using mlens PSF
Assemble Undispersed Image


Basic ADI


Calibrate astrometry from binary (using 6th orbit catalog)
(using separation and PA)
Calibrate Photometric Flux
Check Data Quality
Check for closed-loop coronagraphic image
Clean Cosmic Rays
Clean Polarization Pairs via Double Difference
Collapse datacube
Combine 2D dark images
Combine 2D images
Combine 2D Thermal/Sky Backgrounds
Combine 3D Datacubes
Combine Polarization Sequence
Combine Polarization Sequence via Double Difference
Combine Wavelength Calibrations
Combine Wavelength Calibrations locations
Correct Distortion
Correct for Atmospheric Differential Refraction
Correct for Interpixel Capacitance
Create 2D Low Frequency Flat
Create High-Resolution Microlens PSF Model
Create Lenslet Flat Field
Create microphonics noise model
Creates a thermal/sky background datacube


Destripe for Darks Only
Destripe science image
Display raw image with GPItv
Divide by Lenslet Flat Field
Divide by Polarized Flat Field
Divide by Spectral Flat Field
Divide by Telluric Transmission


Extract 1D spectrum from a datacube
Extract one spectrum
Extract one spectrum, plots


Filter datacube spatially
Find Cold Bad Pixels from Flats
Find Hot Bad Pixels from Darks
Flag Quicklook
Flexure 2D x correlation with polcal
Flexure 2D x correlation with ulens and polcal models
Flexure 2D x correlation with wavecal model
Flexure Quicklook for Pol (Lsqr, microlens psf)
Flexure Quicklook for Spectra (Lsqr, microlens psf)


Generate Combined Bad Pixel Map


Insert Planet into datacube
Interpolate bad pixels in 2D frame
Interpolate bad pixels in cube
Interpolate Wavelength Axis


KLIP ADI for Pol Mode
KLIP algorithm ADI + SDI
KLIP algorithm Angular Differential Imaging
KLIP algorithm Angular Differential Imaging With Center Forced
KLIP algorithm Spectral Differential Imaging


Load High-Res PSFs
Load Instrumental Polarization Calibration
Load Polarimetry Spot Calibration
Load Wavelength Calibration


Measure Contrast
Measure GPI distortion from grid pattern
Measure Polarization Spot Calibration
Measure satellite spot locations
Measure satellite spot peak fluxes
Measure Star Position for Polarimetry
Measure Wavelength Calibration
Median Combine ADI datacubes


Noise and Flux Analysis
Normalize polarimetry flat field


Pad Wavelength Calibration Edges
Plot the satellite spot locations vs. the expected location from wavelength scaling
Populate Flexure Shifts vs Elevation Table
Primitive to interface TLOCI code and dependecies for PSF subtraction with the GPI pipeline.


Quality Check Wavelength Calibration
Quick Wavelength Solution Update


Remove Flat Lamp spectrum
Remove Persistence from Previous Images
Rotate Field of View Square
Rotate North Up


Save Accumulated Stack
Save Output
Simple SDI of post ADI residual
Simple Spectral Differential Imaging
Smooth a 3D Cube
Speckle alignment
Stores calibration in dataset
Subtract Dark Background
Subtract Mean Stellar Polarization
Subtract Mean Stellar Polarization from podc
Subtract Thermal/Sky Background Cube if K band
Subtract Thermal/Sky Background if K band


Update Spot Shifts for Flexure
Update World Coordinates