Installing from Software Release Zip Files

This section describes how to install the pipeline from Zip files containing released source code of the pipeline. This is appropriate for anyone who has a full copy of IDL, but does not immediately intend to contribute to ongoing pipeline development.


This method requires you have an IDL license. If you do not have an IDL license, please refer to this page for installing compiled executables instead.

Version 1.4.0 (2016 July):

See here to download earlier versions of the pipeline, if desired.

Unzip this file in a directory that is a part of your $IDL_PATH (To determine where your $IDL_PATH is, type echo $IDL_PATH in a terminal prompt.

Mac OS and Linux

../_images/icon_mac2.png ../_images/icon_linux2.png

On Mac OS and Linux, you will likely want to add the pipeline/scripts subdirectory to your shell’s $PATH. How you do this depends upon your chosen shell (sh, csh, tcsh, bash etc). This is addressed in the Configuring the Pipeline section.


The usual caveats about name collisions between different versions of IDL routines apply. If you have old versions of e.g. the Goddard IDL library functions in your $IDL_PATH, you may encounter difficulties. We suggest placing the data pipeline code first in your $IDL_PATH. More information can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Proceed now to Configuring the Pipeline.