Processing GPI Data, Step by Step

Let’s consider in turn each major topic that must be addressed during the processing of GPI data.


Our goal here is not to document pipeline software (though that will be discussed) but rather to document our understanding of the properties and performance of the instrument itself, in terms of their effects on data processing. This document is not intended as a complete guide to achieving science-grade calibrations of your GPI science data! Not yet anyway. For now this is just a first draft discussion of what the different calibration files are, why they are required, and how you might go about generating them.

In many cases, the Data Parser will automatically generate a good set of recipes for reducing some/all of your calibration files.

This page takes the alternate approach, of describing what you need to know in order to perform the process yourself, understand how it all works, etc.


This documentation is still incomplete and a work in progress!

If you’re interested in GPI polarimetry, then you should also consult Processing GPI Data, Step by Step: Polarimetry.