GPI IFS Data Handbook

This document describes the GPI Integral Field Spectrograph (IFS), the properties of its output data, including various systematics and noise sources that one may encounter, and how these data should be calibrated. Its goal is to summarize in one place all the properties of GPI data that a new user should be familiar with to usefully work with the data.

See also the Pipeline User’s Guide, which describes the user interface and operation of the software used to process these data.

The Processing GPI Data, Step by Step section of this Handbook is particularly recommended to understand the details and potential pitfalls of each step of GPI data reduction.


This is a WORKING DRAFT document, which is not fully complete and may be in error in some places. It represents our current understanding of these aspects of instrument performance, and is likely to evolve with time. Use your own scientific judgement when reducing and analyzing data from GPI.

Read carefully, examine your data, evaluate the systematics, and let’s find some planets…