Appendix: Configuration File Settings

This appendix describes the various configuration parameters that may be adjusted in the pipeline’s configuration settings text files. The settings are organized here into several tables grouping them by subject matter, but in the config file they may be listed in any order.

For boolean variables in the following, 0=False and 1=True in the usual fashion.

Some of the following will be of general interest and many users may wish to change their values; others are mostly of interest for development and debugging.

Settings for GPItv

All of the following GPITV settings can also be adjusted for each individual GPItv window at any time using the Options menu. Setting their values in the pipeline configuration file controls the default settings that will be used for newly opened GPItv windows.

Setting Name Possible Values Default Value Meaning
gpitv_default_scale linear, log, sqrt, asinh, histeq log Sets the default image scale for newly opened gpitv windows
gpitv_retain_current_slice 0,1 1 1: Open new images to the same slice as current image is on. 0: Open all images to the same default slice.
gpitv_retain_current_zoom 0,1 1 Toggle auto zoom + recenter or keep same zoom + position for newly loaded images.
gpitv_retain_current_stretch 0,1 0 Toggle autoscaling of display stretch for newly loaded images.
gpitv_auto_handedness 0,1 1 Toggle whether to automatically flip images if needed to have East counterclockwise of North. Has no effect is retain_current_zoom is 1.
gpitv_showfullpaths 0,1 0 Toggle to show the full path to files in the gpitv titlebar.
gpitv_noinfo 0,1 0 Toggle suppression of informational messages.
gpitv_nowarn 0,1 0 Toggle suppression of warning messages.
gpitv_startup_dir path None Set the initial input/output directory for new GPItv instances. If unset, GPItv defaults to your current working directory.