GPItv Viewer User’s Guide

This chapter describes how to use the gpitv graphical data viewer to view your GPI data.

GPItv is a ds9-like FITS data viewer tool customized for GPI, including display of spectral and polarimetric datacubes and interactive tools for high contrast image analysis such as measuring contrast and performing spectral differencing of cubes. GPItv provides GPI observers with both a simple means for cursory “quick look” data analysis in real time at the telescope, plus a set of tools for viewing and manipulating GPI data during post-observing scientific analyses.

GPItv is a heavily customized derivative from ATV, the well-known DS9-like display tool for astronomical images in IDL (Barth et al. 2001;, with much new functionality developed specifically for GPI. Anyone familiar with using ATV, SAOimage or DS9 will get used to GPItv very quickly.


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GPItv is based on atv by Aaron Barth et al. The Header Viewer dialog in gpitv is taken from the OSIRIS Quicklook tool ql2, itself derived from the NIRC2/NIRspec quicklook. The “Browse Files” dialog is based upon code derived from David Fanning’s tool